Q: When I trigger a phone call, at the end of the call is a message that says the call was brought to me by YaBoring. How do I remove this message?

A: Since we are a free service, this is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for us to advertise YaBoring. To remove this message, got to yaboring.com/donate and select a PayPal donation. You must donate at least $2 and write your email or phone number in the "Add a note" section. Here is an image of what that should look like.

Q: How do I upload custom audio to my YaBoring account to be played as my custom message?

A: To play a custom audio file as your custom message, either paste the url to your mp3, or put your mp3 on Google Drive and turn on link sharing so anyone with the link can view, and then paste that link in the custom message box. This feature is still in early beta, so please contact us with any issues you run into.

Q: How many calls am I allowed to make through YaBoring?

A: As a special thank you for helping us with YaBoring Beta, we allow you to make as many calls as you want, although if you start using an unrealistic number of calls (hundreds in a short amount of time) we may temporarily cut off your account. To help us allow lots of calls to be made, remember to turn off your adblocker and donate!

Q: Is it possible for me to add a second phone to my YaBoring account or use a non-smartphone?

A: At the moment, you can only use a smartphone with YaBoring and cannot add a second number. Both of these features are in our future plans though, and to help us get there faster, remember to donate!

About Us

We are the YaBoring Company. Our mission is to save you from those times you just want to tell someone 'Ya Boring!' We have done this by creating a simple, easy to use program designed to call your phone and play a custom message designed to fool even the most annoying of people. My name is Eric Andrechek and I am the co-founder of YaBoring. My partner, Abhi Shukul, is the other co-founder. Together we write all the code. We are both Okemos High School students who have been coding together for a few years. If you find something wrong or that needs work either on the code, or business and legal end of things, please contact us at help@yaboring.com