Our website is an easy-to-use way to access our product on all platforms. If your device and/or browser is having troubles running, please contact us!


Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension has just released! It is a simple extension, that when clicked activates YaBoring. It also includes a keyboard shortcut feature you can customize in chrome://extensions/shortcuts, so that you can activate YaBoring anywhere on your computer with a quick shortcut.

iOS Shortcut

Using the Apple Shortcuts App for iOS, you can add this shortcut to your Shortcuts library to activate YaBoring from your iPhone's home screen, widget center, and Siri.

Other Products

In addition to the products listed above we are working on developing a larger variety of ways to activate YaBoring, to ensure that you have every base covered.

  • Post Requests - Developer tool (currently working and accessible to all. For more info visit
  • FitBit App - In development (for a beta version, contact us)
  • Firefox Extension - In development (for a beta version, contact us)

Feel the list is incomplete or would like us to work on an app for another device? Contact us and let us know!